• barre 59 la jolla studio

    Redefine your lines in under an hour

  • barre 59 la jolla studio

    High-intensity, ballet barre-based workout

  • barre 59 la jolla studio

    Fun & Effective

  • barre 59 la jolla studio

    Come TUCK with US!


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    OUR Technique

    Barre 59 offers a high-intensity, ballet barre-based workout that incorporates ballet, pilates, yoga, as well as light weight work. You will see and feel the difference.

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    OUR Classes

    "Redefine your lines in under an hour" is more than a quote. Our small classes and hands-on technique creates a personalized experience for every client!

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    OUR Pricing

    Barre 59 offers flexible pricing options including individual classes, monthly packages and annual memberships. We also offer student discounts too.

OUR Team


Mandy is the co-owner of Barre 59. Her collegiate athletic background gives her a great sense for body alignment, core strength and she brings a fiery energy that will be sure to kick your booty in under an hour.


With Carissa's background in dance and music, she instantly fell in love withthe rhythmic movements of barre. She appreciates the "mind over matter"moments in class, and loves that the method grows more challenging as your form improves.


Elaine has always been a proponent of health and wellness to help others live empowered, healthy, happy lives. With a background in personal training, she will be sure to bring energy and liveliness to each class she teaches.


Andrea's repertoire includes Pilates, fencing, martial arts, personal training, and physical therapy. Her fierce spirit will motivate you in each and every class.


Victoria is an attorney by profession, but loves utilizing her musical background and creativity to promote health and wellness in each of her barre classes.


Olga was previously a dedicated Barre 59 client whose passion for the method drove her to become an instructor. Her engineering background and knowledge of the technique brings a great precision, energy, passion and excitement to each of her classes.